Marquardt Partners is an end-to-end manufacturer that works with startup companies. From product development and manufacturing to supply chain and purchasing, we work with startup companies and help them to grow.  

Startup Product Development

Move faster and work smarter.

The day in the life of a startup is fast-paced and non-stop, with team members often wearing multiple hats. Let Marquardt Partners help bring order to the chaos – delegating tasks with expertise to bring products to market, quicker.


Transition from product design to cost-effective serial production.

Design, development, and prototyping is only the beginning of the journey. Marquardt Partners can assist in design for manufacturability reviews, helping to find cost-savings without sacrificing quality.  

Supply Chain and Purchasing

How startup companies source materials.

Material sourcing can be especially challenging for startup companies, even without supply chain disruptions. Marquardt Partners has experts in procurement and logistics who can help you to choose the right materials and more for your next project.


Have an expert contact you to get your project started.