Welcome Aboard! The Start-Up’s Guide to Working with Marquardt

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At Marquardt, we’re proud to serve some of the most successful brands in
the industry. However, we also recognize the unique challenges that
startups face, and we consider our relationships with small companies to
be essential to our business. If you’re a start-up in need of
manufacturing support, you’re in the right place. Discover our guide for
startups looking to work with manufacturers:

Overcoming Intimidation

Startups often perceive reputable contract manufacturers as intimidating. Large facilities, advanced equipment, and experienced teams can seem daunting. Yet, at Marquardt, we highly value partnerships with startups. Why? We recognize the vitality of entrepreneurship in our industry and have the resources to support it. Scott Hansen, Director of Industrial Engineering at our Cazenovia facility, emphasizes, “We analyzed our business model and realized we have capabilities that can benefit others.”

Confidence in Collaboration

Approaching us should boost your startup’s confidence. We understand
budget constraints and limited manufacturing experience. In our initial
meeting, we assess your readiness for partnership and alignment with
your goals.

Maximizing Resources (Within Reach)

While Marquardt can take your project from concept to full production with adequate funding, laying a strong foundation can enhance efficiency. Start by:

Creating a Proof-of-Concept: 

Demonstrate your product’s basic functionality, providing insights into its operation.

Drafting a Bill-of-Materials (BoM): 

List the components required for your project.

Crafting a Design Brief:

Outline your product’s goals and unique selling points.

For technically inclined teams, consider:

Building a Prototype: 

Develop an alpha-prototype representing your product’s aesthetics and functionality.

Starting the DFM Process: 

Research manufacturing limitations and improve designs accordingly.

Providing Drawings or CAD Files: 

Use engineering drawings or CAD files to communicate your product specifics.

First Steps with Marquardt

Wondering if your product aligns with us? Our Contract Manufacturing
program has assisted startups across various industries. Contact us
during your manufacturer search. Be ready to discuss your vision,
budget, and where you need assistance. Rest assured, we prioritize
Intellectual Property protection and are open to non-disclosure

Feeling Intimidated?

If you’re not quite ready for manufacturer engagement, don’t worry.
Reach out to us, and we’ll connect you with a robust economic
development network offering technical and financial support. We have
strong relationships with many of these organizations and are eager to
introduce you to the right resources.

In the journey of startups working with manufacturers, Marquardt is your steadfast partner, supporting your growth and success. Contact us today to start working with us!

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