Contract Manufacturing

Marquardt Partners provides contract manufacturing plus end-to-end services that include equipment building and industrial engineering, supply chain and purchasing, and lifecycle management.  

Equipment Building
and Industrial Engineering

Vertically-Integrated with Global Reach.

Marquardt Partners supports your manufacturing projects by optimizing complex processes, systems, and operations. We help you reduce defects, improve yields, and promote manufacturing efficiency – while saving both time and money.

Supply Chain and Purchasing

Extensive International Shipping Networks.

With over 20 locations around the world, Marquardt Partners has an international footprint and global supply team setup to optimize all supply chain functions – from book to bill.

Lifecycle Management

Ensuring Success Long After
Marquardt's Involvement.

We can accommodate your product’s entire assembly process, do a soft-launch into your business, or create a modular solution that can be easily implemented at your own facility. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want us to be. 


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