Validation Testing & Reporting

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Validation Testing

At Marquardt Partners, our validation testing lab offers risk-factor testing to ensure your product design and system is durable enough to withstand real-life scenarios. We’ll gladly manage your entire validation process! Even if we do not have a specific test on-site, we will coordinate a qualified third-party test lab on your behalf. 

Have a tight development target? No problem! Marquardt’s experience in the automotive industry, as well as other major markets, has resulted in our demonstrated ability to accurately perform validation testing under short development timelines. We provide the following types of validation tests all under one roof: environmental, mechanical, accelerated life, qualitative.

Types of Validation Testing

validation testing | safety


Environmental tests simulate extreme environmental conditions, such as water intrusion, humidity and intense temperatures.

  • Salt fog / mist
  • Thermal shock
  • High temperature and humidity endurance
  • Frost test
  • Dust intrusion
  • Fluid compatibility exposure
  • Low temperature operating endurance
validation testing | mechanical


Mechanical tests apply force and vibration to examine the durability of mechanical structures.

  • Random, sine or customer-specific vibration
  • Shock or impact loading
  • Bracket retention
  • Force vs travel and effort
  • Connector insertion/removal
  • Connector installation
  • Connector retention
  • Cover strength
  • Switch body insertion
  • Cover to base retention
validation testing | life testing


Accelerated life tests perform shortened life durability by applying linear or rotational force to test functionality and/or test-to-failure.

  • Life durability
  • Switch mechanical operating endurance
  • Switch surface temperature rise
validation testing | quality


Qualitative tests let us examine specific functions or the quality of a product and its design.

  • Cross-sectional component analysis
  • Color evaluation
  • Illumination testing
  • X-Ray


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