Marquardt Partners is an end-to-end manufacturer that supports the U.S. government and our allies, with capabilities and services that ensure mission success.

Contract Manufacturing

We Deliver High-Quality Solutions
for Complex Requirements.

Marquardt Partners is an ITAR-registered company offering customized development and manufacturing services – fit to solve every customer’s unique challenges and needs.

Independent Verification
and Validation (IV&V)

Tested Solutions for
Mission-Critical Applications.

We offer comprehensive review, analysis, and testing services, performed by an objective third party. This improves the quality of our products and processes, and ensures the utmost reliability of our solutions in even the most extreme conditions.

Industrial Engineering and Equipment Building

Designed for Success, Built to Last.

Our team of industrial engineers works to determine the most effective ways to use our product solutions and equipment in the defense industry. We optimize the use of time, money, materials, energy, and other resources.


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