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Injection Molding

At Marquardt Partners, our state-of-the-art facility boasts various on-site molding presses, enabling us to produce hundreds of thousands of components per week. 

Single and Two-Component Capabilities

Marquardt offers both single and two-component molding capabilities, ensuring versatility to suit your project requirements. Each molding process we undertake adheres to scientific molding principles and undergoes rigorous validation, encompassing installation, operational, and process qualifications.

Advanced Technology and Zero Defects

Our injection molding processes leverage cutting-edge equipment, bolstered by statistical analysis and meticulous product traceability. We uphold a stringent performance standard of achieving zero defects.

In-House Maintenance and Toolroom Expertise

Our dedicated team of maintenance and toolroom technicians handles nearly 100% of injection mold maintenance and repair in-house. 

Electronics Manufacturing

At Marquardt, our surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturing lines are tailored to accommodate both high-volume and low-volume production needs. Whether you require the production of hundreds of thousands of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies or smaller quantities, we ensure rapid and efficient manufacturing.

Automated Precision and Reliability

Every PCB we manufacture undergoes a rigorous process of automated electrical and optical testing, along with programming. These automated procedures minimize handling and reduce human interference, ensuring precise and reliable results.

Efficient Sorting and Traceability

Our automated processes include cloud-based good/bad sorting, guaranteeing 100% reliability in separating printed circuit boards. Furthermore, our traceability solutions oversee key process steps, enabling automatic interlocking and eliminating the possibility of human error. To enhance quality assurance, we utilize automated optical 3D solder paste inspection.

State-of-the-Art Pick-and-Place Technology

Marquardt’s state-of-the-art pick-and-place machines are equipped to handle high mix/low volume production environments with remarkable efficiency. These machines can mount up to 80,000 board components every hour, ensuring swift and precise assembly.

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Product Assembly for Full-Scale Contract Manufacturing

At Marquardt, our assembly production area operates around the clock, offering both automated and semi-automated assembly lines to meet your production needs.

24/7 Assembly Production

We’ve implemented autonomous production teams and cross-functional collaboration to ensure rapid responses, in-depth root-cause analysis, and effective issue resolution. This approach guarantees efficiency and minimizes downtime.

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