Manufacturing Facilities Tour

Tool Room

Our NYS-certified Apprentice programs help us maintain our talent pipeline and develop well-rounded toolmakers, engineers, and equipment builders. We use the latest technology in additive and subtractive processes to provide you with ready-to-use precision parts and solutions. We offer laser / micro welding capabilities to create equipment, prototypes and products with the utmost level of control.

Validation Lab

Our validation lab offers risk factor testing to ensure your product design and system is durable enough to withstand real-life scenarios. Marquardt will gladly manage your entire validation process!

Have a tight development target? No problem – Marquardt’s experience in the automotive industry, as well as other major markets, has resulted in a demonstrated ability to accurately perform testing under short development timelines.

Production - Molding

With various on-site molding presses, Marquardt is capable of producing 100’s of thousands of components per week. We use advanced equipment, statistical analysis, and precise traceability of products with a strict performance standard of zero defects in our injection molding processes.

Production - Electronic

Our surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturing lines have the capacity to produce 100’s of thousands of printed circuit board assemblies per week. Every PCB we produce undergoes automated electrical and optical testing and programming that ensures minimal handling and human interference. The printed circuit boards are separated through automatic processes using cloud-based good/bad sorting for 100% reliability.

Production - Assembly

Our 24/7 assembly production area features both automated and semi-automated assembly lines. We have established autonomous-production and cross-functional teams that work together to ensure a quick response time, root-cause analysis, and resolution when issues arise.


Marquardt has very high Just in Time (JIT) delivery demands with many of our customers. Our warehouse operates 24/7 to meet the rigorous demands of our customers.

Our seasoned team of trade & traffic analysts have long-term agreements with many different shipping networks and have the ability to move critical materials around the world under extremely challenging timelines. By partnering with Marquardt, you could benefit from our extensive shipping networks and international reach.